What is the Campaign to Help Build Lightning Safe Communities?

In response to the NFPA’s “Sparky’s Wish List” outreach to fire stations, LPI is sponsoring a “Campaign to Build Lightning Safe Communities” which will provide complimentary lightning protection systems for vulnerable fire stations in high lightning risk regions of the U.S.

(Note: upgrades/maintenance service for existing lightning protection systems may also be eligible under this campaign)

Who Will Provide the Lightning Protection Systems?

UL-listed LPI-Certified Master Installer Firms from several high lightning risk regions of the U.S. are participating in the campaign. These LPI Member Firms are facilitating donations and coordination of lightning protection system installations for eligible fire stations.

What Will the Lightning Protection System Entail?

  • Methods and materials will comply with national safety standards of LPI, NFPA and UL
  • All materials used shall bear UL-listing mark for lightning protection system installation
  • LPI-IP Master Installation Certification inspection will be provided at close-out for quality assurance

Why the Need for Lightning Protection?

According to a recent NFPA report, titled “Lightning Fires and Lightning Strikes,” fire departments in the U.S. respond to an estimated 24,600 lightning fires each year. These fires are responsible for civilian/firefighter deaths, injuries and approximately $407 million in preventable property damage. (NFPA 2012)

LPI Can Help Protect Your Station Against Nature’s Underrated Risk!

A direct lightning strike destroyed the entire roof of this building in Mechanicsville, Virginia—typically not thought of as a high risk lightning region of the U.S.

What is the Campaign Timeline?

  • The Campaign was announced in October 2012 in conjunction with NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week and the “Sparky’s Wish List” program
  • Participating LPI Member Firms will continue outreach efforts to fire stations throughout the spring, summer and fall of 2013
  • System installations are expected to be completed by October, 2013
  • Campaign recap to be shared during Lightning Safety Awareness Week, June 23-29, 2013

How Can Fire Stations Participate?

  • Interested fire stations can contact LPI at lpi@lightning.org to be connected with a participating LPI member firm
  • Eligible fire stations may be required to submit structural information
  • LPI member firm may require site survey to determine system design and material requirements
  • Owner/engineering approval may be required of fire station to proceed with system installation

Campaign News Coverage

Photo News Release Issued 2/20/13 Announces Campaign Donations re: Complimentary Lightning Protection Systems for Fire Stations in Chicago, Minnesota, Dallas & Toledo

Media Coverage & PR Builds Momentum for Campaign

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Release Include:

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